If you rely on people to achieve your business goals, those people need knowledge.

An understanding of your business processes, a shared understanding, will see the rate of error and incidence of non-conforming product decrease. Your teams will be safer, more confident, happier in their work, and ultimately more productive. The more they learn, the more you earn.

So you’ve got a few people who intimately understand what’s going on around them; the technical detail, the science around it, the upstream and the downstream. You may well have more people who don’t, right?

We can help.

We work with companies to spread the knowledge. We do this by gaining an understanding of what it is you do and packaging it in a way that will work for your target audience.

From simple work instructions and safe work procedures through to comprehensive training and assessment packages, we’ve got you covered.

Knowledge is power,
knowledge shared is power multiplied

– Robert Noyce

Technical Writing and In-house Communication

We perform a range of authoring, formatting, editing, templating and illustrating services to make your business and operational documents work for you.

This includes the full range of quality management system documents, from your high-level policies right down to your work instructions and forms.

Whether you’re part of a large-scale operation aiming to fill the gaps in your quality management system, or you have a small to medium enterprise with a need to document your processes, we’re here to help.

Training Design and Development

To get the most out of your workforce, the right combination of skills, knowledge and behaviours is essential.

Not only will productivity be optimised, people will value your investment in them. You’ll see greater job satisfaction, less employee turnover and fewer non compliances.

We can analyse your business requirements to ensure your workforce learning and development initiatives are the best fit for your business. We think it is important that you see a return on your training investment, not just training for the sake of it.

In fact, we can work with your business to deliver end-to-end training solutions. Get in touch today to find out how!

Knowledge Vector is led by Jamie Sharpe as its Principal,
who works with a small network of trusted professionals.

Jamie has over 20 years of experience in training and technical writing, having played a lead role in transformative projects for major corporate clients both in Australia and internationally.

Jamie’s first career as a soldier-tradesman provides him with a real-world understanding of operational realities. His early experiences in guiding apprentices to develop their skills, trade knowledge and positive behaviours evolved naturally into a second career as specialist in training and development. Strong technical writing skills have complemented this, making the natural link between quality procedures and enterprise training.

He has since gone on to service the mining, petrochemical, rail, heavy transport and defence industries as a training project manager, instructional designer, publication author, technical illustrator, apprentice master, and national training manager.

With an extensive background in high-risk work environments, Jamie is passionate about attention to detail and ensuring all members of the team understand their roles, supported by high-quality procedures and well-targeted training interventions.